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Liquid Staking on VICTION

Higher Yield, Better Utilities

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What is [deFusion]?

deFusion is a Infra-liquidity staking platform, designed exclusively for Viction users seeking a secure and smooth staking experience. With cutting-edge technology and a commitment to transparency, deFusion provides Automated Rewards Distribution Solution (ARDS), ensuring a fusion of stability and efficiency in the ever-evolving blockchain landscape.

[deFusion] benefits
Automated Rewards Distribution Solution (ARDS)
Rewards will be distributed to users automatically every epoch (~900 blocks), so users do not have to wait for the daily rewards.
100% rewards to voters
Only for early adoption, users can enjoy 100% of the rewards (this only applies for a period of time, there might be changes to this program later on)
SVIC (staked VIC on deFusion)
Users will be rewarded with SVIC and enjoy unlimited benefits across Viction DeFi ecosystem.
Decentralized Masternodes
Users can participate in any staking pool and enjoy the higher APR once that pool achieves Masternode status